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Let's be honest, you know what it is. It's a super small yoyo and it intrigues you. Awesome, here at Oddity we figure there are enough "normal" throws out there so we wanted to do something odd. We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed making it. After this run sells out they won't be made again and we'll be on to the next oddity.

Limited Edition: 20 pieces (7 Clear, 6 Light Grey, 6 Dark Grey, 1 Orange)
Width: 36mm
Diameter: 40mm
Weight: ~64.5g
Response: 19mm Pads
Bearing: Concave size C
Coating: Powder

Vibe: None to small. This is our 1st run so a little vibe that can be tuned out but does not affect play may be present.

B Grade will have noticable vibe (possibly a little pulse) but will still be fun to play with.

Prototype is 1 of 4 with this being the only one sold. Since it's a prototype things are a little rough. The one carried cut the string after a few weeks. On this sale one I attempted to sand the edge of the response groove to solve the string cutting but havent spent the time to fully confirm it fixed.